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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  May 15, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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hi, everyone. i'm beth troutman. we've got great videos and the stories behind them "right this minute." police say this guy threw back a brandy, threw his old lady in the car and went on a bad driving bender. >> he just keeps going. >> hear about his astounding history with alcohol. >> that guy got out of his car like what the heck just happened. we'll tell you about a drug that -- >> turns its victims into zombies. if you're a woman afraid of getting rufied. >> now we worry about something more harmful. >> it's the video that has people asking how a ghostly image is leading to a lot of crack pot theorys. >> what about balloon boy, has he checked in and said that's me again, sorry. >> and you name it, he'll eat
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it. >> hey, what's up? >> last week we laid down the challenge. >> well, guess what? >> this comes from a tv show called "right this minute." >> yay! gayle is going to get things started for us with our first video. >> this video posted by manchester evening news in the u.k. you can see 69-year-old derrick mitchell driving this car the wrong way. police say that mitchell had had a brandy binge all day, was in a pub, got into it with somebody in the club. somebody that works in the pub tried to get him not to drive but look what happened. now this is the u.k. so he's driving on the wrong side of the road. >> oh, boy, right into oncoming traffic. >> he brushes up against another car but he doesn't stop. that is basically a hit and run. >> and that guy got out of his car like what the heck just happened? >> derrick has a 50-year history of having issues with the legal system when it comes to drunk driving. in the last two decades, he's
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had six drunk driving offenses and two daerous driving offenses. when they caught up to him athi level was twice the legal limit. >> are their laws anything like they are here? >> the judge in this case said this goes to show there needs to be tighter restrictions on people convicted of drunk driving because he's only spending 18 months in prison for all of this and six months of that sentence is for the drunk driving offense. when he got to the police station, they say that he took a swing at a police officer and said "i deserve to go to jail." he admitted driving with excess alcohol, assaulting an officer, dangerous driving, driving without insurance and fail to stop. the prosecutor said he had no license and no insurance. when he was arrested at home, they said he had a full whiskey bottle in one of his pockets. >> dr. drew? >> derrick mitchell will be checking in. i want to tell you about a drug that has been referred to
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as the worst rufie ever times one million. it comes to a tree which basically translates to the drunken binge. this is explained on called colombian devil's breath. victimizers will blow this powder into someone's face. [ speaking foreign language ] that drug basically turns its victims into zombies. [ speaking foreign language ] they have absolutely no control of themselves whatsoever. >> so this drug completely eliminates free will. does it also make you forget what happens? >> that is exactly correct. [ speaking foreign language ]
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>> you can be careful about where your set your drink down and watch your drink at all times but how do you defend somebody walking up and blowing something in your face? >> how does someone act after they take the drug? >> they don't look drunk or like they're under the influence of the drug. they look normal exempt the person that's giving you this drug knows they can take you and victimize you. [ speaking foreign language ] one of the victims took a predator to her home -- [ speaking foreign language ] to see the entire 35-minute documentary, head over to for the link. a florida man was arrested
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over the weekend for child abuse and it happened in broad daylight. this video from orange county, florida. you see a group of guys walking down the street and they're approaching another group. the group they're approaching are several teenagers. watch what happens. >> oh! >> whoa! >> complete and total sucker punch. deputies say that's baron ewing, 19 years old, swinging at one of these teenagers. another guy also took some swings at these teenagers, seemingly out of nowhere for no reason at all. >> and these guys are adults, over 18. >> baron ewing is 19 years old. he did admit to police that he hit one of these teenagers. >> how could he not admit it? we just watched it on video. >> they were dumb enough to put it on youtube. he was booked into jail on child abuse charges. ewing claimed that this was in
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retaliation for a fight that these teenagers started a few days earlier. police have not confirmed that allegation. >> oh, in that case it's totally okay that they just walked up to these guys and started punching them. >> the teenagers that were hit in this video suffered only minor injuries. nothing is manly about walking up and sucker punching someone. a violent robbery was caught on a motion sensor surveillance cam in tampa, florida. of the guy you're seeing walking down the street is a 24-year-old man. it's early in the morning. the man that walks up to him, according to police, asked him for a dollar and then, as you see clearly in the video punches him in the face. >> oh, my gosh. >> but then more guys run into view. in fact three are punching him and kicking him and hitting him in the face, holding him down while other people take punches. and then a fourth guy runs in. at first you think, okay, this is going to be a good samaritan
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coming in to help him but watch what he does. >> oh, geez. he just joins right in. joins the dogfight? >> he joins in and starts getting his own punches and kicks in. >> this is gang-related? >> according to police, the victim did not know these guys at all, had never seen them before. the victim had only lived in tampa for about a month. he's a serviceman who was stationed at the air force base and he was just out walking when this happened. again, according to police, knew no one in this group of people. >> were they out in this area to rob? >> police don't know. they haven't found any of these suspects. that's why they released this video so quickly because they're hoping that someone will recognize these guys. now, they took the man's cell phone and wallet after they beat him up. he was hurt pretty badly, but was able to get himself up and walk to one of the neighbor's houses that you see in this shot and call for help. right now he is still in the
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welcome back to the show. don't forget to check in at great videos all day long. >> i am going to show you guys the most expensive consumer used camera ever. this is it right here. >> looks like it's about 50 years old, though.
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>> it was designed in 1923 by laka. it's known as the zero theory. there's only 12 of them known to be left today and this is one of 25, making it a very exclusive little diamond for camera enthusiasts and lovers and collectors. the auction started at 300,000 euros. they thought maybe they would get between 600,000 and 800,000 euros. this is the auction. >> one million euros. 400, 420, 460, 480, 500. 600. 650, 700. 750, 800. >> in less than 60 seconds, the camera is already up to 900,000. the girl next to the auctioneer, her expression as the money keeps going up, she's just like -- and her smile gets bigger and her smile gets bigger. >> and the auctioneer looks like
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he starts breathing heavily. >> is that the camera sitting on the table right in front of the auctioneer? >> that's the camera right there. >> what if he was like, great! >> there goes the camera. >> this sold for 2.16 million euros. >> how many dollars is that? >> $2.7 million. >> that camera better take a picture of me and make me look like you. you see that? >> that would be photoshop. okay, you guys, i'm taking guesses. what is this? >> it looks like a jellyfish that's in the air. >> could it be a super hero? >> no, the bug on a windshield that they're shooting through. >> all fantastic guesses. you could all be right. because this is a ufo. as you can see in broad daylight, the guy was just shooting, said this was pretty far away in the distance and the
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camera is so shaky because he's trying to zoom in and zoom out. but if you look on the youtube page where this was posted, lots of other people saw this thing too. >> since it's chicago and the windy city, maybe it's a weather balloon that got deflated and it's just floating around. >> that's an excellent guess because that's exactly the shape and size of those things. with all the cameras out in the world, so much stuff is captured. when is somebody going to get a good, clear image of a ufo? >> right. >> like all those telescopes that are up there, you can log on online and see what they're looking at, looking out into space, nobody has seen anything? >> nothing escapes the cameras anymore. from people trying to rob stores to car accidents, it's all on video. so where are the damn flying saucers? that to me is a bug on a windshield. >> disappointed is what i'm saying. >> i want to see a damn spaceship. if they said look up in the sky
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and then zoomed in on it, i'd say okay. but this could be a flashlight. >> what about balloon boy, has he checked in? said it's me again, sorry, didn't mean to scare everybody. >> we want to know what you think this is. head over to this minute. tomorrow on "right this minute," this little invention is called the rubber sling bow. the world's greatest sling shot maker. that's tomorrow on "right this minute." we are taking a trip to centrailia. >> hear why this town is a hot bed of spookiness from the self photographers who got an inside look. >> it almost feels like you're where you shouldn't be. and this cat is getting its jump on. >> that cat is spider-man. >> i'll give him a 10. >> see this
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i want to take you guys on a trip to centrailia, pennsylvania. if you haven't heard of it or don't know much about it, i'm not surprised. apparently it's a ghost town. this video was put together by the unknown cameraman. he calls himself an urban explorer. centrailia was settled in 1841. now get this, the population in 1981 was around 1,000. in 2007, the population was 7.
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>> wow! >> you might be saying why? look, what do you see there? what do you see coming from the ground? >> smoke. >> apparently there was a coal mine fire beneath the surface way back in 1962 and the fire has been burning ever since. >> this has got to be the strangest environmental disaster that i've ever seen. >> it's spooky, this whole thing. in the 1980s, some adverse health effects started to be reported from residents. by 1992 all the properties in centrailia were claimed by eminent domain. in 2002 the zip code for centrailia, completely erased by the post office. doesn't exist anymore. >> imagine trying to live there. at any moment your house could just burn down from the ground up. >> now, the unknown cameraman who shot this video is actually a team. it's a man and woman team for whose to remain anonymous. they're joining us right this minute to talk about this video in centrailia, pennsylvania.
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how were you able to get all the access that you did in centrailia? >> it's actually pretty much out in the open. the only tricky part is the highway. it's closed to all cars. it's blocked off by a dirt mound. >> can you feel the heat coming off the ground? >> yes. >> oh, yeah. >> i actually picked up a piece of, i guess it was coal. and you could see all the smoke coming off of it and it literally broke in half and just dripped onto the ground. >> if you sit on the ground, you'll feel it. it's hot on you. >> what's the overall feeling that you got when you were there? was it depression, was it eerie, what was it? >> it was a nice day, but there's something very unsettling, knowing that there's a huge fire underneath you. >> it almost feels like you're where you shouldn't be. steven, what is magic?
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>> science that we cannot explain. >> i'm about to show you some science we can't explain mixed with technology. the guy you're seeing on your screen is one of the world's top magicians. and he's got a nice little popped collar going on. but keep watching, because he's about to blow your mind. he was doing this magic on a sony bravia hx-8. the whole thing is the picture is like reality. >> visualize the card. okay. let me have a look and make sure that is really in the screen. this was your card. >> that's cool. >> that's very cool. >> i think i can explain this magic. >> they're shooting this, right? >> so there could be somebody in a control room watching it. they can pick the king of hearts. and 3, 2, 1, king of hearts on
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the screen. >> so you're just going to poo-poo magic? >> not only is the king of hearts on the screen? >> this has got to be real because he's got that magician's look, you know, and the accent so he's totally legit. >> it's what magicians are. they're just masterful illusionists. >> are people going to be mad when they buy this tv and can't do these tricks with it? >> all in all, it's an effective ad campaign because it does showcase that the picture looks like reality. we asked for it. >> can we maybe give you a challenge and try it? >> and chuck from the bronx is taking our challenge head on. >> so we're going to try to eat this. >> down the hatch it goes, next on "right this minute."
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hyundai has developed a new way to test the durability of their cars. they took their new i-30 understand u.k. and just let some of the residents play around with their new car. look at this whole troop of baboons testing getting inside, crawling all over this new hyundai. look at this. they're chewing on the seats, they're chewing on the steering wheel, they're just trying to tear apart this hyundai.
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>> wow, they have got dirty feet. >> well, that's a lot of mud and -- >> feces. >> there you have it. the hyundai people say kids kind of pick at things, they throw things around, they have got cheerios and messes all over the place. so if their car can withstand all these baboons, it can withstand anything. >> well, if you've got a bunch of rowdy kids or maybe you're a little messy yourself, you know that hyundai will be able to handle you. cats can do some amazing leaps, including this guy. >> whoa! >> that cat is spider-man. >> i'm pretty amazed because most cats don't come when you call them. that's a dog thing. cats are just like, yeah, whatever. >> but when it's airborne, it's like a flying squirrel. >> like a little hello, too, as he comes in the window. >> i think of a skinnier cat being able to do this. this guy is not exactly little. >> lost some energy in his jump
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because the ladder bent. that's probably why he landed a little short. i give him a 10. >> i give him an 11 just for making that attempt. you guys remember last week we had our friend chuck from the bronx on our show talking about his eating challenges. and i believe we put him up to a challenge. can we maybe give you a challenge and then you can say you're doing this for "right this minute." ? >> yeah, sure. >> cow brains. >> try chittlins. >> or menudo. >> that's an idea. i can do that too. >> well, guess what? >> hey, what's up there? this is chuck from the bronx again. i've been presented with a new challenge from a tv show called "right this minute." >> yay! >> they actually contacted me and wanted me to do what's called the beef tripe challenge. if you don't know what that is, it's the lining of the stomach, so we're going to try to eat
3:27 pm
this. >> he's got one pound of the beef tripe. >> no! >> no! >> ready to rock and roll. now, he says he has no idea what it tastes like. you see it there, it's like beef stroganoff. >> on your mark, get set, go! >> ew! >> that's it. >> yeah, that's pretty gross. >> he's chewing quite a bit. >> there's a lot of chewing going on. >> this is going to take a really long time to eat and it's so disgusting too. >> we've got about an 8-minute long video of chuck from the bronx defeating our challenge that we gave him. i hope he doesn't challenge us back. >> i'm done.
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this is chuck from the bronx signing off. >> that's going to do it for us here at "right this minute." we have one more video for you. this is fun. enjoy it and we'll see you next time. -- captions by vitac --
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